muscles and joints
Your body is a complex machine with hundreds of muscles and nearly 200 joints.  It is important to maintain good tone, flexibility and balance.  What are you doing to keep your body running smoothly?  As a chiropractor, I want your body to run like race car.  How do we do that?

First, we need to look at your joints.  Are they moving the way they should.  Joints can move too much, too little, incorrectly or perfectly.  Each joint has multiple factors that affect the way it moves:  muscles, tendons, ligaments, other joints, bursa and so on.  One of the very best ways to improve joint mechanics is through a chiropractic adjustment.

Next, we need to look at your muscles.  Do they have good tone, flexibility, and balance?  It is important that every muscle be balanced to its opposites:  Right vs Left, Front vs Back, Inside vs Outside, Flexor vs Extensor.  Any of these pairings that is unequal causes bad joint mechanics.  This leads to injuries and bad posture down the road.  The way to correct the imbalances is with specific stretches and exercises.

Finally, we need to find what is causing your human machine to be less than perfect.  If we can figure out the cause then we can prevent future problems.  Maybe the cause is your 40 hour work environment.  Then a regular “tune-up” adjustment along with your maintenance stretches and exercises should keep you healthy and prevent future injuries.