spinal degeneration Inwood Chiropractic Center
School is starting and college football starts this weekend.  It’s a great time to reflect upon yourself and see what you can do to improve your body.  Everyone is growing older and with time and improper spinal mechanics comes degeneration.  Excessive wear can be decreased through proper nutrition, stretching/exercise, and, most importantly, proper spinal alignment. 

Spinal degeneration occurs when damage is done to the spine. The damage can come instantly from trauma like an auto accident or slowly from long term wear like poor posture or misalignments. Spinal degeneration is a process, it takes time to develop.  Over time, the discs become smaller, scar tissue forms, and the joints move incorrectly.  If left untreated, bone growth will increase and sections of the spinal column can naturally fuse together.  This results in pain, nerve irritation, discomfort, and limited mobility.

 Fortunately, early detection of spinal degeneration can stop its progression. In many cases, when caught early enough, it can be reversed.  As chiropractors, we want everyone to have a healthy spine.  Every chiropractic adjustment works to keep your joints moving better and keeps degeneration out of your spine.  That means more overall mobility, better communication through your nerves. The chiropractic goal is for healthier spine that will let you move and feel better.